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The internet is full of surprises, everywhere you look there is something new to learn. Here you can find interesting stuff about website building, social networks like facebook, google plus, twitter, email clients and more.

6/21/2015 12:41:57 PM

Express yourself with more than just words.
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2/11/2015 3:16:24 AM

These are the steps you can take to change where you receive emails from your Yahoo Groups.
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10/10/2014 4:21:10 PM

This guide will explain the dimensions of your Facebook profile picture and cover photo.
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9/28/2014 12:52:57 PM

Keeping track of what you eat makes it easier to be in control and lose weight. Here are some free ways to do it.
Health >> Dieting >> Diets

9/26/2014 5:20:44 PM

Check out these 6 free sites for virtual pets
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9/21/2014 1:47:10 PM

Have fun playing the piano online!
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9/21/2014 7:18:30 AM

It's fun to change your photo into a cartoon to use on Facebook and as artwork. It's just a few clicks to get results without having to download a program.
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9/15/2014 7:14:24 AM

This is an easy way to see what your photo looks like with different hair color, hairstyles, makeup and accessories. Have fun!
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4/23/2014 8:12:25 AM

Cleaning up your news feed is easy to do, you can start by unfollowing pages you don't like anymore.
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4/12/2014 10:02:19 AM

A nasty vulnerability has been discovered in OpenSSL. This guide will give you some information on how to deal with it.
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